In the Shelter of One Another

April 6, 2023 3:15 PM

Office of the Dean of Students

Almost two weeks after spring break, we are finally settling into the routines that will carry us until the end of spring session and into Commencement Exercises. And yet, we are mindful how much feels anything but routine.

After recent storms swept through the South, Midwest and Northeast, killing nearly forty people and destroying entire communities, many of these same places are bracing for more torrential storms.

We are invited, each in our own way, to hold space for students, families, faculty and staff members directly impacted by these storms, who grieve the loss of human life and places of belonging.

We acknowledge that these tragedies fall close on the heels of disasters abroad and at home, where hundreds of thousands bravely rebuild from devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, where families test and restore the most basic provisions in East Palestine, Ohio.

In the Oberlin family, there is almost always someone, somewhere, impacted by breaking news. And all of this before considering the events that never make the headlines or come across our screens--that leave some in our community to manage matters alone.

It is good and right to remember that each of us in our own lives, and in our communities, are somewhere fighting an uphill battle.

If you or someone you know needs support back home or on campus, a word of encouragement, a nudge of care, a safe place to talk, or a simple reminder just how much you/they matter, please reach out-- take a first step, consider contacting Counseling and Psychological Services, Office of Student Support and Outreach, Center for Student Success, or Office of Spirituality and Dialogue.