Photo courtesy of Oberlin College Photo courtesy of Oberlin College 

The Kulas Organ Center in the Robertson Hall practice building, has 14 practice rooms equipped with organs of various designs, both mechanical-action and electro-pneumatic. Of the mechanical-action tracker organs, six are Flentrops, two are Noacks, one is a Brombaugh, one is a Paul Fritts, and one is a Guibault-Thérien. Of the electro-pneumatic organs, five are Holtkamps of the famous Martini design.

Warner Concert Hall houses a splendid three-manual Flentrop organ of 44 stops. Built entirely in classical North European style, it was installed in 1974. Portable continuo organs by Flentrop, Klop, and Robert Byrd are available for use in all performing halls.

In 1981, the conservatory installed a two-manual Brombaugh organ in mean-tone temperament in the gallery of Fairchild Chapel. In the front of the chapel is a six-stop large positiv organ by positiv.