Our Division of Contemporary Music has three areas of study—composition, electronic and computer music, and contemporary chamber music—for students desirous of honing their music and technical skills, while exploring a range of contemporary music and musical expression.



Our faculty is comprised of outstanding teachers, conductors, and composers who are devoted primarily to undergraduate education. They provide individual instruction, allowing opportunities for critique and performance, and spend generous amounts of time with their students via lessons, coaching, mentoring, and more.

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Our Division of Contemporary Music’s three areas of study features intensive coaching and faculty mentoring that encourages students to explore and hone their musical skills and musical expression in a range of music genres.

Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA) combines traditional music with the exploration of the latest techniques for electroacoustic musical expression.

Composition Program faculty work with aspiring young composers to perfect their skills at presenting their musical ideas with clarity through written notation. Students also have ample opportunities to present their work through formal and informal programs.

Contemporary Chamber Music is designed to launch chamber music ensembles of exceptional artistic and creative potential. It is ideal for chamber ensembles in any instrument, who are available for full-time study and do not have artist management. Faculty coaching focuses on fostering the ensemble’s charge to be innovative and on their development of artistry and programming.

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electroacoustic artist and visiting TIMARA faculty member Eli Stine '14

Sounds of Science

October 3, 2019
Electroacoustic artist Eli Stine ’14 returns to teach and create at Oberlin.

Contemporary Music Facilities

Bibbins Hall exterior under a bright sky

Bibbins Hall

The Oberlin Conservatory’s main teaching building has 40 studios and 10 classrooms. Private instruction, ensemble coaching, and classroom instruction take place here.
String and percussion ensemble in Clonick Hall recording studio

Clonick Hall

Clonick Hall is a superior recording studio and performance space housed in the conservatory’s Bertram and Judith Kohl Building.
Conservatory Central Unit

Conservatory Central Unit

The Central Unit is part of the Oberlin Conservatory’s main complex and includes classrooms, rehearsal rooms, studios, and more.
Interior of Lily McGregor Skybar

Lily McGregor Skybar

The Lily Smith McGregor Skybar is a sleek, airy space for conservatory deans, faculty, and staff to meet informally or for small group sessions, workshops, and social functions.
Photo of TIMARA Studios

TIMARA Studios

TIMARA (Technology in Music and the Related Arts) students have access to six studios, a networked lab of Macintosh computers, and an array of music software and gear.
Warner Concert Hall

Warner Concert Hall

This 496-seat hall adjoins the Conservatory of Music and is used for numerous student and faculty recitals, as well as recording sessions.