Updates to Oberlin Logos and More, with New Resources Available

September 13, 2022 9:15 AM

Office of Communications

The Office of Communications has developed a new visual identity system that refreshes Oberlin’s longtime logo, colors, and other essential brand elements and offers a suite of new resources to support the needs of partners all over campus.

It starts with a redesigned Oberlin College and Conservatory logo, which first appeared in the 1980s and was most recently updated in 2009. The new version revitalizes this key component of Oberlin’s visual identity with a cleaner, more modern look that offers increased versatility in both print and digital environments.

before-and-after Oberlin logo comparison.

Also new are a host of graphical treatments that feature the new logo alongside the title of each campus office, department, and program—perfect for creating posters, digital banners, and other promotional materials.

Best of all: It’s never been easier to create your own Oberlin-branded content. The Office of Communications maintains a Canva for Teams account that enables Oberlin staff and faculty members all over campus to easily create print and digital projects using supplied graphics and templates that adhere to Oberlin’s visual identity guidelines.

Learn more about Oberlin’s new visual identity system on the Office of Communications’ Brand Guidelines page, then take a tour of our new Guide to Visual Identity and Usage.

Implementation of Oberlin’s new visual identity system will be followed by additional resources and guidelines in the coming months. We welcome your questions and comments at brand@oberlin.edu.