Drupal Web CMS Moving to Single Sign-on

January 7, 2021 2:15 PM

Office of Communications

As many other systems at Oberlin have done, the Drupal content management system soon will begin using Okta single sign-on for authentication. We expect the transition to be seamless for most users.

A few notes about how it will work:

  • The URL for logging in has not changed: www.oberlin.edu/user
  • When you visit this URL, Drupal will check to see if you are already logged in via Okta. If you are, then you will be returned to Drupal in a logged-in state. Otherwise you will be prompted to sign in with Okta.
  • If your login is successful but you are not already a Drupal user, you will now technically be logged in, but you won’t have access to any Drupal editing or administration features.
  • When you log out of Drupal, it will not log you out of other SSO applications.

If you run into any difficulty or have questions, please let the webteam know. Thank you!