College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office

Wade Burleson

A male-identifying student wearing a purple sweater, leaning against a column

Wade (he/him) is a fourth-year student from Redondo Beach, California. Throughout his time at Oberlin, he has worked many different jobs across campus; currently, he works at Azariahs, the coffee shop in the library, in addition to working in Admissions. 

As a double major in Politics and Studio Art and minoring in East Asian Studies, as well as being an avid violinist, he has greatly appreciated the diversity of class offerings at Oberlin. You can find him screen printing in the print lab, using the TIMARA equipment to produce music, playing folk music with friends, or at classes in the gym.

Wade has been abroad a few times over the course of his time at Oberlin. He spent a semester at the Stockholm School of Economics, taking global politics classes and delving into the Swedish political system. He also studied various art movements in Sweden through one of his favorite classes which took place at a new museum or historical location every week. In addition to living in Sweden, he also studied novel-writing in Spain during winter term, beginning the process of writing a crime fiction novel.

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