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Sophia Colby

A female student with short brown hair standing in front of a tree.

Sophia is a senior at Oberlin College double majoring in Cinema Studies and Creative Writing, with minors in Music and Creative Technologies. Their fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and they recently completed an internship at production company Wonder Worldwide where they focused on script coverage and development.

On campus, Sophia works as a senior fellow and a tour guide in the Admissions Office. They were a research assistant in the Crafting Sound Lab within the Conservatory’s department of Technology in Music and Related Arts, and they will also be a research assistant in Cinema Studies this year.

Sophia has a theater background, volunteering for the Oberlin Theater department and Live Arts Theater in Charlottesville, Virginia as a script reviewer, editor, and dramaturg. They were nominated for the Emily Couric Leadership Scholarship, received the John F. Oberlin scholarship, and were elected to Phi Beta Kappa honor society in their junior year. In their free time, they enjoy cooking foods from different cultures, playing indie video games, and putting on sparkly nail polish. Sophia is Venezuelan-American, from a combination of Livermore, California, Santa Barbara, California, and Charlottesville, Virginia.

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