College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office

Ezekiel Schmiedl

A male-identifying student standing in front of the Apollo Movie Theater

Ezekiel (he/him) is a fourth-year student from Cleveland Heights, OH, around an hour or so away from Oberlin. He is a Cinema Studies major. He has been in the crew of several student-run films around campus throughout his three previous years at Oberlin, most often as an editor. He has studied abroad at the Prague Film School in the Czech Republic and also works on campus in the Admissions Office and for Central Ticket Services.

Ezekiel likes to find time to cook in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and finding new local (cheap) spots to try out. Blue Rooster Bakehouse has come to be one of his favorites. After eating his fill, Ezekiel will often relax in his room. He might be playing video games ( Cuphead and Bloodbourne being his two favorites), enjoying some anime, or watching a fun horror movie.

As Ezekiel looks towards his future, he plans to try and find work as an editor either in Atlanta, Georgia, or his home state of Ohio. He honestly cannot believe he’s made it this far.

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