College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office

Ava Tronson

A female-identifying student in a red shirt sitting outside.

Ava (she/they) is a senior at Oberlin College originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ava is majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies with a double minor in Creative Writing and Comparative American Studies. She is currently excited about the research she is completing this year combining these disciplines. 

Outside of the classroom and in addition to working for the Admissions Office, Ava teaches an ExCo called Girls in Motion, which empowers young female-identifying students in the community to find themselves through movement and creativity. She has also taken many ExCo classes from other students. Ava has participated in several club sports in her time at Oberlin, including rugby and our quidditch team (she is a Hufflepuff)!

Ava came to Oberlin initially because of its emphasis on engagement outside of the classroom and commitment to progress. In her time at Oberlin, she has found a supportive, close-knit community filled with creative and inspiring people. 

In her spare time Ava reads a lot of fiction, crochets, and stress bakes her way through the semester. Her current favorite books are Living a Feminist Life by Sarah Ahmed and The Circle by Dave Egger.

Post-Oberlin, Ava is planning to move back to Minneapolis and it is unclear if graduate school will be in her future. 

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