Fall 2021 Computer Lab Availability

August 16, 2021 11:15 AM

Center for Information Technology

CIT surveyed faculty and staff across the institution to develop a new strategy for computer lab environments. To outline the upcoming changes for lab environments this fall, it is helpful to highlight our takeaways from that survey: 

  • Physical spaces where instructor-led learning is possible are important 
  • Having both physical and virtual lab resources is desirable 
  • Flexible computer resources should be available for students to meet their coursework requirements 

CIT designed its Fall 2021 computer lab strategy keeping those goals in mind. Our focus is on preserving as many large, physical teaching lab environments as possible and supplementing with flexible, learn-anywhere spaces. All pre-COVID, large teaching labs that have not been repurposed or designated by departments as no longer desirable will remain open. Changes to teaching labs include: 

  • Chemistry lab - Changing to a Windows lab 
  • Academic Commons Classroom - Closed for Fall 2021 due to ID Card Office relocation 
  • Psychology lab - Space repurposed 
  • Biology lab - Space repurposed 
  • Robertson lab - A small, Conservatory-focused lab will be created 

Changes to non-teaching spaces that CIT considers a part of the greater lab environment include: 

  • All dormitory labs - Will not reopen 
  • Skybar - Will not reopen 
  • Robertson Alcove - Will not reopen 
  • A-Level Mudd - Will not reopen 
  • Wilder - Will not reopen 

Non-teaching computer labs are primarily student resources. Rather than relying on inflexible physical space, CIT will pivot to a learn-anywhere strategy to meet our students’ needs. CIT plans to: 

  • Substantially increase the number of laptop loaners for all Libraries 
  • Work with each library to consider extending loan periods for students 
  • Reevaluate printing resources to increase availability and convenience 
  • Maintain virtual computer labs (Apporto) based on past usage levels 
  • Investigate other virtual resources to improve availability, performance, and satisfaction 

CIT intends to provide resources which are more flexible, relevant, and available for students, faculty, and staff. We hope that you find the above changes to our lab environments and resources a move in the right direction. Please visit the CIT website for a complete list of lab spaces for Fall 2021. If you would like to offer feedback or have any questions, please open a ticket using the CIT Tech Support portal.