Chloe Lai ’22

  • Admissions Counselor


I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and didn’t consider moving to Ohio until I was introduced to Oberlin’s art rental program. I was so tantalized by the idea of being able to have an original Picasso in my living space for $5 a semester, I enrolled at Oberlin the following year. 

At Oberlin, I felt so supported by my friends, professors, and everyone else around me that establishing my new home came easily. I spent time as a student assistant in the Allen Memorial Art Museum and as a literacy tutor in the local elementary school. I ate in Third World Co-op, a safe space dining co-op for BIPOC people, where we cooked, cleaned, and ate together. In my free time, I DJed a radio show with my best friend, got my hands dirty in the pottery co-op, and sampled ice cream shops across Northeast Ohio. 

I graduated in 2022 with a degree in art history and East Asian studies, with a concentration in education. Post graduation, the support I got from Oberlin carried me all the way across the world to Taiwan, where I spent the last year. There, I worked as an English teacher at an elementary school in the beautiful mountainous coastal county of Hualien. Between biking through the city, tracing rivers, and continually eating frozen treats, I realized the gratitude I have for the Oberlin community and for what my Oberlin education has enabled me to achieve. Oberlin was itself an unexpected door for me, and it opened up even more unexpected joys and opportunities. So if you find yourself curious about Oberlin, stick around! I’m excited to have you here.