Campus Bulletin: Faculty and Staff

Helpful Information for Submitting Work Orders Through TOPdesk

September 14, 2021 1:45 PM

Communications Staff

Facilities Operations would like to provide some helpful information for entering work orders in TOPdesk.

Please note that requests for issues with WiFi or internet should be submitted to the CIT Tech Support Portal. Issues with telephone service need to be submitted to

1. We are here to assist you between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m Monday through Friday. If you are experiencing an emergency after hours (such as an overflowing toilet), please call Campus Safety at 440-775-8444.

2. Most campus buildings are listed by name in TOPdesk, while most Village Housing is listed by address. If you cannot find your location under one, try the other. For example, 64 E College Street is listed in TOPdesk under Charles Martin Hall House.

3. The more details you enter in your request, the better we will be able to assist you. If you cannot find your room or location, list it in the description. If you are living in a bedroom in a house, tell us which bedroom. Please remember that we have multiple trades on campus, and it is best to separate your needs accordingly.

4. For special requests (such as hanging a favorite painting) and event set-ups, your FOAP is required. In TOPdesk, the following is needed:

  • Index = organization
    • Note: There may be special funds (2xxxxx) that do not follow this convention. Please visit the Controller's Office website for more information on Index formats. If you still need assistance, please contact the Controller's Office.
  • Account = account
  • Location code = program code
  • Rooms must be reserved before a work order can be placed

5. The earlier you submit your work orders for special events, the better we are able to meet your needs. Please use the Events button to enter these requests, not the General Maintenance button.

6. Work orders for special accommodations for housing must be submitted by Residential Education.

7. Standard work orders should be completed within 2 weeks of your request.

We are happy to assist you in submitting your work order. Please call us at 440-775-8445 or email us at