Campus Bulletin: Current Students, Parents, ObieSafe

Appeals Process for the 2020–2021 Academic Year

July 8, 2020 1:15 PM

College of Arts and Sciences

The three-semester plan announced by President Ambar calls for Arts and Sciences students to be enrolled in the following manner during the three terms:

Term Dates and Details
Summary of 3-Semester Plan
  Term 1 (Fall) Term 2 (Spring) Term 3 (Summer)
Dates August 31 to December 16
(Remote after November 25)
January 7 to April 17 May 3 to August 11
In residence Approximately 2100 students
(all in single rooms)
  • All Con & DD
  • Almost all A&S 1st-Years
  • Almost all A&S 2nd-Years [by semesters completed, not credits to graduation]
  • All A&S 4th-Years
Approximately 2100 students
(all in single rooms) 
  • All Con & DD
  • Almost all A&S 1st-Years
  • Almost all A&S 3rd-Years [by semesters completed, not credits to graduation]
  • All A&S 4th-Years
Approximately 1200 students
(all in single rooms)
  • A few A&S 1st-Years
  • Almost all A&S 2nd-Years
  • Almost all A&S 3rd-Years
  • A small number of DD 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-Years for A&S classes
Not in residence Almost all A&S 3rd-Years Almost all A&S 2nd-Years  
Notes 3rd-Year Remote Educational Opportunities: September Group WT projects including career community and mentored research 2nd-Year Remote Opportunities: January Group WT projects including SOAR program A&S Undergraduate Research & Engaged Learning Focus for Second and Third Years

Continuing and returning Arts and Sciences and Double Degree students who have exceptional circumstances for why they should enroll in different terms than their assignment may appeal to attend in a term different than the one to which they were assigned. Due to space limitations and the need to de-densify campus, the college will only be able to grant a limited number of appeals.

The following students should not submit a request to change their semesters of attendance through the appeals process:

  • New students – Please see information on gap years from admissions.

  • F-1 visa holders – You are automatically permitted to enroll for Fall and Spring semesters. If there are questions or concerns about your semesters of attendance, F-1 visa holders should contact Josh Whitson.

  • Students who wish to attend remotely in their assigned semesters of attendance – Please convey this information through the declaration of intentions form, which is scheduled to be available on July 15.

Appeal Application

Before completing the application you should review the schedule of classes to confirm that courses are available in the desired semesters of attendance that will allow you to make progress to your degree. Double-Degree students should consult with the Conservatory Dean's Office before submitting an appeal.

Students will be asked to briefly describe the reasons for their appeal (300 words or fewer). Students who are appealing to attend in the fall and spring semesters based on their intentions to graduate in April 2021 will be asked to list the courses they would take in each semester.

Important Dates

  • July 15: Estimated date for 2020-21 schedule of classes to be available

  • July 15: Application opens

  • July 20: Deadline to submit application

  • July 21–27: Review of applications by appeals committee

  • July 27: Notification of outcome of appeal by email

  • July 30: Deadline to submit declaration of intention for students who have appealed


If you have questions about the appeals process, please contact

This bulletin was updated on July 15.