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September 18, 2010

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

It's time for a long-overdue tour of my room. Observe.

A bedroom with a bed, a flag, and a desk
My bed and desk number one. Please note the lovely framed Animorphs poster and the lovely Penang flag. Also the fact that I brought books but not bookends. I'll know better next time. (Except, of course, that the next time is going to be in a very different context.)
The foot of the bed with bags and lights on the wall
The foot of my bed and my storage area for bags. Note that I love bags. Very much. If you find yourself in the position of having to give me a gift and don't know what to give me, a bag is probably a pretty safe bet. Note also that there are more books here and that they, also, are missing bookends.
A rocking chair in a corner with a wooden sword propped against it
My rocking chair. Yes, I have a rocking chair in my room. And a violin and my ballet bag and a very nice wooden sword. (Marvin, if for some reason you've Googled my name and found this, this one's for you.)
A desk with a laptop and pictures hanging above
My desk number two. You can't tell, but this desk is actually a bit shorter than desk number one. This is a good thing, because, when sitting in a chair, I couldn't really reach the top of desk number one. Well, I could, but it was a workout for my poor writing arm. Again, note the Animorphs poster, as well as the xkcd comic. (And if you're a Rochester person and stalking me, pick yourself out in my photos.)
The door to the outside with a picture of flowers hanging
My door. Again, please note the decorations: a little Chinese wall hanging, an x-ray of roses, and an illustration of Swan Lake (my favorite ballet in the whole wide world; don't even get me started) by Trina Schart Hyman.

And that's it, folks. My room is the biggest of the bedrooms in my house, which I feel slightly guilty about, but that's the way that it worked out. I'm now making a list of the things that I forgot to put on my packing list and thus did not bring. They include a wastepaper basket, a cup for when I brush my teeth, and my recipe for oatmeal cookies. But all things will come with time, as they say.

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