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Six Ways Oberlin is Like Hogwarts

November 30, 2009

Alice Ollstein ’10

1. Obviously, we share the same colors as Gryffindor: maroon and gold.

2. Have you seen Peters? Hogwarts all the way, especially the Observatory on top.

3. The secret staircase in Wilder (the Student Union) and the secret tunnels under South Campus. Where are they? I ain't telling. It's so much more magical if you stumble upon them yourself.

4. My friend's dorm room sophomore year had a legit Room of Requirement -- a secret room attached to her room that you could access by moving a panel aside and climbing through a hole in the wall. Inside, it's evident that generations of Oberlin students had made the space a perfect hideway. A working lamp, a mattress, drawings all over the walls... I took some monster naps in there that year. Again, I'm not telling where!

5. Our Quidditch team. Yes, we have one. I've seen them practicing. The snitch is a person wearing yellow and running for his or her life.

6. Professors, like Professor McGonagall, that intimidate the hell out of you, but teach you so much and earn your infinite respect. Every student here has several I'm sure.

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