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Rory O'Donoghue ’19

Hi, I’m Rory! I’m a sophomore double-degree student living in Harkness Co-op, a bit of a jaunt from my non-school home of Fairbanks, Alaska.

I study clarinet performance in the con, which means you can usually find me taking extravagant clarinet selfies in practice room mirrors. In the college I’m an intended Comparative Literature major focusing on Chinese. Hopefully I’ll be abroad sometime in the next few years! Various enthusiasms include: squashy sweaters, ice encrusted eyelashes, beautiful writing, cherry tomatoes, and euonyms.

This semester I’m up to a number of fun things: buying food for Harkness, helping organize Oberlin’s Drag Ball (YOU should come!), coercing various body piercings to heal, oodles of musical pursuits, and queer happenings around campus. I'm excited to talk about it!

I'm hoping to write this blog with nebulous intentions of vague humor. Yay!

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