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Photo Essay : Summertime

August 16, 2016

Karalyn Grimes ’16

Too much beauty occurred this summer to capture it all in words, so instead I would like to share some of my favorite photos of my favorite moments. All photos are amateur and were captured on my Android phone. Content heads-up, this post contains many photos of food.

A rabbit sits in the grass, wearing a harness
I began my summer in Lansing by taking my beloved rabbit, Andrea Tegan Gertrude, for walks in my mother's garden.


A woman is laughing inside a grocery cart, with the groceries on top of her
When I returned to Oberlin in late June, I was greeted by my closest friends and endless opportunities for shenanigans. This is Dana, now employed as a paralegal in Chicago, enjoying a grocery cart ride at Walmart.


Letter tiles on a table form the words: jumped, pretty, dater, doer, lake, lanes, co, oven
At Queer Board Game Night, we invented a version of bananagrams where all your words must describe the person to your left. Here was Rewa's impression of me.


Five people on a couch make silly poses
Some great humans present at Queer Board Games.


A small dessert cake topped with cream
This is the two-layer vanilla golden cake topped with whipped cream I created for Rewa's birthday celebration in July. The Baking ExCo really transformed my talents, and I am so pleased to say I baked all summer.


Karalyn at a restaurant table with a huge smile
I based my financial security these last three months based on whether or not I could afford Feve Brunch on any given weekend. Changing each week, Feve Brunch has become a cornerstone of my self-care treating-myself Oberlin indulgence routine. Here is my face upon looking at the menu.


A dish of french toast
This brunch was seriously the greatest Feve Brunch I have ever eaten. Featuring: Mocha chocolate french toast.


A dish of eggs, salad, and bread
It was so good I got two entrees. Featuring: wild mushroom potato hash topped with eggs and hollandaise, with side salad and baguette.


Karalyn stretches, face-down with hands on the mat and one leg raised high
I really debated publishing this on the Internet because I am still embarrassed of my own body and the way it moves, but this was a thing I did this summer! I pretty regularly went to the gym! It makes my brain feel giddy and it is ridiculously pleasurable to start to feel that the gym can be a place for me, too.


Karalyn stands next to a white horse inside the barn
I met and hung out with this horse, Mac! He's one of the beauties the Oberlin Equestrian team trains on. He enjoyed all the carrots I gave him.


Cup of coffee topped with cream and drizzled with dark syrup
I took a Sociology course online through Lorain Community College for transfer credit. This picture is from a "hardworking study session" at Slow Train. Featuring my caramel latte and my favorite backpack.


Plate of iced cupcakes
My friend Rose was working in East Lansing this summer for their university cooperative system, but she visited for a weekend and we made these ridiculously tasty vegan cupcakes. Also, check out my basil baby.


An outdoor, painted wall beside cracked pavement and grass
On a visit to Detroit to see my datefriend, they took me to this public art piece/community gathering spot/functioning store called Gabl's African Beads.


A woman poses in front of a decorated, outdoor wall
The creators have mosaic'd (that's a verb now) an entire city block with beautiful mirror shards and mosaic pieces.

There are also standing installations, including an old car covered in graffiti that I particularly loved. This visit to Detroit was definitely a summer highlight, full of the best food from local joints and Avalon Bakery's excellent breads and sweet treats. I also got to check out multiple urban gardens and feel inspired for my capstone.

Stained glass scene of Christ with disciples above a field of flowers
This is a different mosaic piece, taken at Lakeview Cemetery, where I went on a day trip to fulfill a long-term Oberlin goal of visiting this famous cemetery and the chapel in which this photo was taken.

It was such a beautiful outing, where we also went to the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is free and I highly recommend. This day was full of so much joy, creativity with my friends, and cherished time of us together.

A group of women with the Cleveland skyline behind them
This photo was taken atop President James Garfield's monument in Lakeview, on the spoken of Cleveland outing. You can see the Cleveland skyline and Lake Erie in the background.


Three smiling friends, arm in arm
Myself, Rewa, and Dana on our last visit to Kim's Korean Grocery

Last, here is myself, Rewa, and Dana on our last visit to Kim's Korean Grocery in Oberlin. Home to spectacular (and cheap) meals, and so close to Slow Train that it makes the perfect snack break, Kim's has been a staple for all of our collegiate careers. Dana and Rewa wanted to eat there one last time before they leave Oberlin and begin their jobs across the country. We took a last photo because we are sentimental nostalgic saps.

As I say goodbye to these beloved two friends, we've reminisced about the magic of not only this summer but all our time together. Then just yesterday, the day Rewa flew to California to begin her new job, I ran into my first good friend back on campus for HLEC/RA training. I noted this moment as the end of my last college summer. And now I must greet my last semester. Thank you, summer 2016, for all your magic and kindness, delicious treats, and spectacular memories.

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