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August 4, 2010

Leslie Braat

Last year Oberlin received a record number of applications. Prospective students and their parents are visiting campus in record numbers. Given all the focus on numbers, I thought you might like to learn more about Oberlin... by the numbers.

zero core curriculum
zero fraternities or sororities

1st college to adopt policy to admit students of color and 1st coed college
— ranked #1 in alumni who go on to earn a PhD from predominately undergraduate liberal arts colleges
1st of its kind Environmental Studies building
First-Year Seminar Program
1 supercomputer
1 radio station

2nd largest collection of Steinway pianos (the factory is #1)
2 Early Decision opportunities
2 divisions (College of Arts and Sciences, Conservatory of Music)
Double degree program
2 operas annually
22 varsity sport teams; 25 foot climbing wall; 22 playing and practice fields
2800 students (2200 Arts & Sciences, 400 Conservatory, 200 Double Degree); 25% of the entering class are American ethnic minorities

3 Winter Term projects required
3 Nobel Prize winners in the sciences
3 academic divisions (arts & humanities, science & mathematics, social sciences)
— NCAA Division III athletics
30 minutes from Cleveland airport and 35 minutes from Cleveland
3D images can seen with neuroscience's confocal microscope

440 acre campus
47 majors in the College of Arts and Sciences
4 libraries (main, music, art, science)
— about 40% of students study abroad
40+ theater and dance productions annually
4 co-op residence halls

— one of the top 5 college art museums in the US
$5 to rent a Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol for a semester
5 years to earn the double degree
5 performance halls
— students come from all 50 states
500+ concerts on campus annually

66% of students receive some form of financial aid]
600+ members in the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association

7 MacArthur "Genius" award recipients
70% of classes have fewer than 20 students
7% international students
7 students spending the academic year abroad as Fulbright Fellows
75% of Oberlin students engage in some form of volunteerism during their time at Oberlin

8 majors in the Conservatory of Music (with 20 private study areas)
80%+ students live on campus

9% of students from Ohio
9 program halls including cultural housing and language study
9-9-9 distribution requirement

10th consecutive year the Peace Corps named Oberlin as a top producing college
— a perfect 10 for the life of the mind

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