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Music and More Episode #4 - Wyeth Aleksei

November 11, 2014

Welcome to episode #4 of the newly titled Music and More podcast! This week we got the chance to chat with our dear friend trumpet player Wyeth Aleksei. In this episode, we discuss:

  • "I didn't run home, I took the bus" (how Wyeth chose trumpet) 0:40
  • Support from parents 1:54
  • If you could practice any other art form... 2:58
  • Kevin Spacey 3:20
  • Who inspires you? 3:24
  • Kevin Durant and confidence 4:30
  • What was your musical "moment"? 5:24
  • Basketball & stress relief 6:03
  • Shout out to Ma'ayan 6:42
  • Flash Mob & accessibility 7:18
  • Feminist critique of Miley Cyrus criticisms 8:17
  • Who's your favorite pop artist? 9:26
  • Autotune & Photoshop, Andy Dwyer 10:26

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode with Wyeth as much as we enjoyed producing it!

Until next time,
Hannah and Davis

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I didn't know about the flashmob at the Air and Space Museum until this podcast and now I looked it up AND I LIKE IT SO MUCH. Thanks for mentioning it, Wyeth!

(Also sleep. Sleep is good. Do the sleep.)

Posted by: Ma'ayan on November 19, 2014 11:21 AM

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