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Music and More #7 - Bailey Myers, Part 1

January 13, 2015

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Hi podcast listeners! Welcome to Music and More's first episode of 2015! This episode is really specially to us since it's with hornist Bailey Myers, our favorite person. This is a conversation we had on September 20th of last year and is the first recording we ever made. We recorded this as a part of our application to work at the Oberlin blogs and we're super excited to finally bring you this episode. We covered a lot of ground in this discussion. Topics covered are as follows:

  • How did Bailey choose music as her path? 1:10
  • Band vs Orchestra 2:05
  • Fund the Arts! (propaganda) 2:57
  • Patriarchy. 3:34
  • Who is your celebrity look-alike? 4:42
  • Davis's poor keyboard :( 5:35
  • High school 6:10
  • Back the Pack! 6:53
  • Are we adults? 7:49
  • Oberlin History 9:32

This discussion was especially long, so expect Part 2 to be available soon.

With Love,

Hannah and Davis

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