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Music and More #11 - Hannah Hammel, Part 2 of 2

February 20, 2015

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Dear M&Ms,

Welcome to Part II of our conversation with Hannah Hammel, senior flutist and wonderful human here at Oberlin! Enjoy a discussion of The Inner Game of Tennis, the Nutcracker, grad school auditions, treating your mind more healthily, and how fingers may have minds of their own. We loved talking with Hannah and we hope you feel that love!

  • Introduction 0:12
  • The Inner Game of Tennis 0:47
  • "[Contagious laughter] I really want to be in the Chicago Symphony!" 2:09
  • Process of Practice 2:24
  • Self 1 and Self 2 (how to perform with more ease) 2:51
  • "Beautiful music within..." 3:38
  • Alexander Technique - rewire your reaction to mistakes 4:09
  • "We're more like Practicing Majors..." 4:35
  • Goal to perform as much as possible 4:45
  • "Because we rehearse so much, we also deserve to perform that much." 5:38
  • China Quintet Tour and how Davis will lose his Tuba in China somewhere 6:07
  • Nutcracker in Richmond Symphony 7:26
  • Tricking yourself in the practice room 9:34
  • "Sometimes it's your mind more than anything else." Roland A. Pandolfi 11:13
  • Finger brains 11:29
  • Outroduction 11:51
  • Beyonce! 11:58

XO XO and oodles of infinite love,

Davis and Hannah

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