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More things that still hold true

August 2, 2009

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

I posted some tips on dating earlier, but now I'd like to share some other truths about Oberlin that still haven't changed. (At least not much.)

It can't rain ALL the time, you're thinking, and that's quite true. It snows or hails by way of variety.

This is frighteningly accurate. I've talked a bit about the weather earlier, but let me say this. It does rain. You're going to want to bring some sort of rain gear. I get by with an umbrella and stepping carefully, but other people prefer the rain boots and raincoat method or, to mix and match, the rain boots and umbrella method. Similarly, you should also bring clothes appropriate for the snow. You're going to want a winter coat, and probably a scarf and gloves and maybe boots, too.

A cup and a knife will serve you at any after-hours feast, so don't bother snitching Aunt Hattie's best china--you'll only break it.

These are the utensils I have: a pot (not a very large pot, at that), a plate, a bowl that's big enough to microwave Ramen in, a knife, a fork, a spoon, and a spatula to stir things with. If you're planning on doing a lot of cooking for yourself, you might want to bring a little more than that. For example, one of my friends, who makes amazing dumplings, has a cleaver.

At home you may have traveled to and from high school by trudging along a dusty country road, or by riding on a street car, or by driving your own convertible coupe (befo' de wah', of course). Here in Oberlin, like everybody else, you'll travel to and from classrooms in any of three ways: you'll walk, or you'll run, or you'll ride your bicycle. You'll walk most of the time, you'll run much of the time, and you'll ride your bike when someone else--perhaps your own roommate--hasn't taken it before you.

Lots and lots of people have a bicycle on campus. If you live far enough away that you don't want to bring your own, there is this wonderful thing called a bike co-op. You can get a bike there, and the friendly people will help you fix it up and make sure it's in good working order. I, personally, don't have a bike and haven't had issues getting around. Of course, bicycles cut down on travel time significantly.

But if you can't hold your likker like a gentleman, better not drink.

Truth? The best night I had at Oberlin, I hung out with people in Asia House, and there was no alcohol involved. Does this make me lame? Maybe. Is this cliché? Definitely. But you don't have to get drunk to have fun. You really don't.

But you will be wise if you lock the door to your room while you are studying. If that won't work, barricade the door with a dresser.

Or get yourself a study carrel in Mudd. Or head over to the Science Library. Or find a secluded hallway. In my experience, finding a place to study and being consistent about it really helps.

The extent to which classes interfere with your education will annoy you more than once throughout your years in Oberlin.

Of course. :)

(All quotations from the Oberlin College 1943 Freshman Handbook)

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