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That Last Day Before Break

March 28, 2009

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

You know that one, the one where you're scrambling to get things done and say goodbye to everyone, and y'know, pack? I like that day, but I don't. It's a mad rush that usually ends in a huge release of anxiety the second everything is printed, turned in, and out of my hands on Friday afternoon. It's hard to enjoy the Thursday before break, but I sure was going to try my hardest.

Last spring break, I was working to the wire on things for classes. I pulled four all-nighters in a row out of six nights. I had decided earlier in the month that if I travelled anywhere, I wouldn't actually relax, so I decided to stay in Oberlin. After the madness of shooting three concerts in a row and that series of crazy all-nighters, the prospect of doing gosh-darned nothing for spring break seemed like a great idea.

It was a good choice, as I basically slept 13 hours every night, watching an average of four movies a day, and cooked. Sometimes I blew bubbles outside, or took photos of flowers, or drank tea in my room with the window open. It was delightful.

I stayed with my grandmother over Winter Term and realized how valuable our relationship is, so I decided to spend my break in New York City with her this year. This makes the third break in a row that I've been in New York, and I've gotten tired of the trek from La Guardia airport to Manhattan. This time, I was taking the Greyhound.

But BEFORE I packed, BEFORE I took a car ride to the Cleveland Greyhound station to take a 13 hour ride to New York, I spent my last full day and night in Oberlin.

Thursdays are my no-class-til 7pm days, and usually they are packed from early morning to dinner doing catch-up work, photo editing or assignments, or general life-related errands. This Thursday, I dedicated to packing (ha, that didn't happen), laundry (necessary for a trip, that did happen), and finishing the midterm assignments I needed to do (a midterm reflection and portfolio, a final pitch and paper for my module class in Entrepreneurship, and shooting lots of fun footage for a video I am making with Aries).

I finished schooly things in the late afternoon, and then headed to aid my friend Chris in a film shoot after dinner. We used the department's media studio (a lovely place that is like my third home this semester; it requires a full post to describe its glory) to shoot some footage for a music video based on an organ piece that would be accompanying a story about a deranged dollmaker on the new! shiny! HD! CAMERAS!

As soon as I was done there, I headed to the senior art show, Squaring Off, by senior studio art students Nick Wirtz and Noah Kalos. One side of the gallery was devoted to Nick's huge graphic novel, printed on huge panels plastering one side of Fisher Gallery, and the other showcased Noah's abstract oil paintings.

Leaving there, I headed to hear the Black River Belles play bluegrass tunes under the Mudd ramp. To serve as a distraction (or stress reliever) during midterms, many student music groups will perform under the library, using the great acoustics and multiple levels of viewing and listening space to gather huge and appreciative audiences. The day before, our four a capella groups performed, and tonight, it was the Belles. As we were sitting and singing along, some snow flakes started to flurry about. Considering it was in the upper fifties yesterday, all we could do was shake our heads and proclaim, "Oh, Ohio."

I then rejoiced in early bedtime and delicious sleeping in, as my morning class was cancelled in lieu of turning in a portfolio. Friday was a culmination of the packing I delayed, as well as last minute pre-break activities. For fun, I ran to the library and got some books for the bus ride. I don't have a minute to read at all during the semester, so I figured cracking open a good book would be a good addition to my break. I was really excited about reading something for fun, so I picked up some foodie books (Michael Ruhlman and Anthony Bourdain, both of whom transport me to a wonderful world of food-related craziness and glory, a world I love dearly, but again, that's for another post).

As I was leaving Friday evening, I took some photos of some daffodils, my favorite spring flower. I'm sure I'll see some in New York, but things I love in places I love seemed like a good setup for a photo.

* I have photos from this last evening here, but sadly my computer's charger broke over break, and I can't get to them. Expect some in a few days!

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