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Coming to a Close

December 9, 2015

As this first semester draws to an end, I'm left with many thoughts, feelings, etc... I've been trying to write a new blog post for a while, but a lack of time, ideas, and motivation have all contributed to a lax period.

While filling out course evaluations, I found myself getting a little emotional. Pausing for a moment, I laughed this off a bit. Why in the world would I be emotional over the ending of a course? Throughout the day I pondered over this question. Eventually, a couple things came to mind.

Oberlin has some truly phenomenal professors, and because of that my classes this semester have been phenomenal. While filling out course evaluations, I became emotional because I realized not only how much I learned, but also how fortunate I am to be able to sit in the classrooms I sit in, speak with the people I speak to, and engage in the intellectual development that I engage in.

Oberlin isn't perfect--no place is. But at the end of the day, it's really something to be thankful for.

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