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May 12, 2010

Karl Orozco ’13

I've fallen in love.

With a medium.

I'm referring to silkscreening. Not some girlfriend who has connections with dead spirits that I've met at Oberlin. Really, who do you think I am?

But yes, I've admittedly spent a whole lot of time in the silkscreening studio making posters for organizations and events around campus. And, well, I figure some people reading this blog would like to see some of the work I've done... right?

I've stressed this enough throughout my blog posts, but I really, really enjoy silkscreening. In fact, I'll be interning at a silkscreening studio over the summer! The studio, named the Bread and Butter Collective, is a new, small silkscreening studio located in Queens, NY that was started last year by a group of Oberlin students and alums. Neat, eh?

Also, another goodie: Here's a video of Sarah, David and me in Chicago over spring break. Specifically, it's a video of Sarah and me getting a piercing and a tattoo respectively. Not really relevant to anything Oberlin, other than the fact that we are all Oberlin students.

Finally, I updated my website! www.karlorozco.com. This time, it should (hopefully) work across all browsers and platforms. Hurrah!

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