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A Bit About the Oberlin Experience—Virtually!

April 10, 2014

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

Part of the reason the Oberlin blogs exist is to get the real students of Oberlin to talk about real Oberlin (also because we love Oberfolks and they have amazing stories to share!). Last spring during All Roads, we recruited some of our admissions interns to participate in a virtual student panel, mirroring the in-person panels organized during the on campus All Roads Lead to Oberlin events. The panels (both online and in person!) are a perfect time to ask questions about student life, clubs, majors, going to college for the first time, and anything else on your mind.

We had a complete blast doing our online panel last year, and this year, we're thinking ahead, and we're expanding our programming. We're going to have not one, not two, but THREE virtual student panels, live streamed and archived right here in this blog post.

We invite you to visit us here on the blogs on:

  • Tuesday, April 15th at 9 pm EST
  • Saturday, April 19th at 5 pm EST
  • Monday, April 28th at 10 pm EST

for student-voiced awesomeness. *cheers*

We'll update this post with the live stream a few minutes after the times listed above, and the archives will be posted within the next day. We'll talk to you soon!

Our first panel aired on Tuesday, April 15 at 9 pm ET and is archived here:

Many thanks to Olivia, Adina, Sarah, and Mia for being a part of our panel!

Over the course of the panel, we talked about:

  • 1:38 Intros
  • 3:28 How did you find Oberlin during your college search? Why did you decide on Oberlin?
  • 8:00 How's the weather?
  • 9:30 What's a typical Friday/Saturday night at Oberlin?
  • 13:10 Are most students involved in activism in some way?
  • 14:30 Things that we don't love about Oberlin
  • 17:37 Housing and dorm options on campus (divided doubles, singles, and more)
  • 22:00 What were you doing when you saw your first albino squirrel on campus?
  • 23:30 Tell us about your relationships with your professors.
  • 27:30 What's First-Year Experience? Can I have a microwave in my room?
  • 29:47 What are the major clubs on campus?
  • 31:54 Tell us about sports and athletics on campus.
  • 34:50 What did you do over winter term?
  • 39:30 Is there pressure to drink?
  • 41:25 How does you class load compare to an honors/AP load? Is the grading hard? Are professors fair or strict?
  • 46:56 What's the food like on campus?
  • 49:12 Are people supportive of students who have "undecided" or undeclared majors?
  • 53:17 What do you know about college/Oberlin now that you wish you'd known as a freshman?

Our second panel aired on Saturday, April 19 at 5 pm ET is archived here:

Many thanks to Liam, Mia, Alex, and Alyssa for being a part of our panel!

Over the course of the panel, we talked about:

  • :31 Intros
  • 3:00 Why did you choose Oberlin?
  • 7:50 Have you taken an ExCo? Is it open to everyone?
  • 10:04 How commonly do people study aboard at Oberlin?
  • 12:15 Winter term at Oberlin.
  • 17:45 Where do you live? What's your living situation?
  • 27:31 First-Year Seminar Program and courses.
  • 30:00 Research at Oberlin, especially in the sciences.
  • 35:15 Favorite and least favorite things about Oberlin.
  • 41:40 Tell us about your relationships with professors.
  • 47:05 What's a hidden or underutilized resource on campus you'd like more people to know about?
  • 52:00 Does guidance at Oberlin keep you on track? If I want to get into medical school, will I have the advising and support I need?
  • 56:20 Final thoughts: things you wish you'd know, final pieces of advice

Our final panel aired on Monday, April 28 at 10 pm ET and is archived here:

Many thanks to Alex, Olivia, Gideon, Zack, and Emma for being a part of our panel!

Over the course of the panel, we talked about:

  • :32 Intros
  • 3:20 Why Oberlin?
  • 6:57 What's your typical weekend at Oberlin?
  • 10:47 Where do you live currently? Where have you lived in the past? Where will you live next year?
  • 18:00 Where have you found deliciousness on and off campus?
  • 24:00 Have you taken or taught an ExCo?
  • 28:26 Winter term at Oberlin: what is it and what projects have you done?
  • 35:03 Living in co-ops: how much work is involved?
  • 36:49 Talk about your relationships with professors
  • 43:42 How did you choose your major?
  • 50:14 Underutilized or unknown resources you'd like others to know about?
  • 57:40 Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your first-year self?

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