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Anna Vernon ’17

Hey there! I’m Anna, a first-year from Atlanta, Georgia. Coming from the South, I’m missing hills and Coca-Cola products, but I’m gradually adjusting to life in Ohio. My favorite part about living here so far is the campus: I’m yet to see a college as beautiful as Oberlin is. Did I really think seasons were intense in Georgia? Well, now I know better.

Specifically, I live in Dascomb Hall, which is one of the first-year experience dorms. I got lucky and got a big room and great hallmates — we even make brunch together every other weekend when the Dascomb dining hall is closed and we don’t want to walk to Stevie. (You get lazy in college, all right?)

Before coming to Oberlin, I spent a lot of time taking pictures of animals and pretending I knew how to bake. Now that I’m actually at Oberlin, I do basically the same things. (See: Ginko Gallery’s kittens and Dascomb 2nd floor Sunday Brunch). In addition, I’m also a part of the Oberlin slam poetry club, a member of SHOFCO (a charity organization on campus) and a mentor for a fifth grader at the local elementary school. As far as a major goes, I thinking psychology or English, but that could easily change in the next four years. If you ever want a cookie recipe, a dream interpretation, or book recommendations, feel free to say hi!

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