Colloquium in Philosophy

The Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy consists of a full spring weekend of symposia at which speakers and commentators from other colleges and universities present new work to an audience of invited philosophers from across the country and abroad.

The first Colloquium took place in 1960; it has been a mostly biennial event since the 1990s, and now alternates with a speaker series.

The proceedings, including both the main papers and the commentaries, are often published. In recent years, the publishing venue has been a special issue of Philosophical Studies

2014: Forty-First Colloquium - Metaphysics

  • Kit Fine, "Criteria of Identity and Ground"  Comments: Ted Sider
  • Karen Bennett, "There is No Special Problem With Metaphysics"  Comments: Thomas Hofweber
  • Jonathan Schaffer, "Grounding in the Image of Causation"  Comments: Kathrin Koslicki
  • Sally Haslanger, "What is a (Social) Structural Explanation?"  Comments: Amie Thomasson
  • Stephen Yablo, "Parts and Differences"  Comments: L. A. Paul
  • Proceedings: Philosophical Studies (forthcoming). Guest Editor: Martin Thomson-Jones

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