Anthony Robert Allen

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Areas of Study


  • BA, chemistry, Oberlin College, 2018
  • BA, philosophy, Oberlin College, 2018
  • PhD, chemistry, University of Michigan, 2023


Professor Allen was raised outside of Detroit, MI and attended Oberlin College. There, he majored in Chemistry and Philosophy. His interest in organic chemistry motivated his graduate studies at the University of Michigan where he specialized in methodological and mechanistic studies of photoredox reactions. He will be teaching several organic chemistry lecture and lab courses. 

Research: Application of visible light photochemistry to synthetic methodologies for complex molecule synthesis. Design of Cr(III) photoredox catalysts. Design of transition-metal complexes for photodynamic cancer therapies.

Teaching interests: Organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, and philosophy of science.

Spring 2024

Principles of Organic Chemistry — CHEM 205

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