Photovoltaic Systems

From local to global scales, most of the environmental problems we face are in some way linked to our reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

Aerial photo of the two photovoltaic solar arrays at the AJLC
Aerial photo of both AJLC photovoltaic arrays
Photo credit: AeroSkout, LLC

The AJLC has two on-site solar arrays that produce all the electricity required to run the building on an annual basis. The smaller of the two arrays is located on the AJLC roof and is original to the building.  At the time of it's installation it was the largest solar array in Ohio. The 4,800 sq. ft. array has a capacity of 59 kW and consists of 690 individual 85W solar modules. The array over the adjacent parking lot was installed in the spring of 2006. This 8,800 sq. ft. array has a capacity of 101 kW and consists of 336 modules, each more that 3 times the capacity (300W) of the modules on the roof.

Building a building to be a net-exporter of energy is a complicated task; the AJLC incorporated a variety of energy efficient features now common in green buildings to achieve this distinction, including:

  • Passive solar design
  • Natural lighting
  • High-efficiency electrical lighting
  • Natural ventilation
  • Ground source heat pump system
  • Energy recovery ventilation (ERV)
  • Materials with high thermal mass
  • Enhanced thermal envelope
  • Earth berm to the north side of the building