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The Oberlin Regional Campus Committee

At Oberlin, we’re committed at all levels to contributing our time, talent, and treasure to making the college and conservatory a premier institution of higher learning. If you’d like to get involved, the Oberlin Committee could be right for you.

Like other regional campaign committees, the Oberlin Committee will consist of volunteers who are willing to help solicit gifts, articulate the priorities of the campaign, and make a case for Oberlin.


Connect. Members of the committee will carry the message of the campaign to their peer constituents, gather feedback, and work with the Development staff to address and overcome obstacles.

Engage. By educating peers and potential donors about the benefits to be realized as a result of the campaign, the committee will be active in promoting the campaign and recruiting others to join the cause.

Donate. Members should be prepared to make their own contributions to the campaign and to use their influence to encourage peers and others to do the same.


We are looking for 10–12 members, including 1–2 representatives from Student Development Committee, 1–2 representatives from A&PS, and the rest current and emeritus faculty.

Faculty representatives should represent a diverse cross section of the college and conservatory. They should be opinion leaders among their colleagues and able to influence alumni. 

Possible sources of faculty representatives include current and former members of the Development and Alumni Affairs Committee, participants in faculty campaign roundtables, members of the faculty Athletics Committee, Kendal retirees, and others.  

Member Duties. Members should be chosen based on their interest in promoting the priorities of the campaign and their willingness to partner with Development staff to achieve these goals.

The committee will meet regularly. Members are expected to work collectively and individually to achieve the above stated objectives. They will be assisted in their work by one or more liaisons from the Development staff.

Members of the committee will be called upon to represent their peers as ambassadors to alumni, parents, and other prospective donors. They will be expected to make a personal financial commitment at a level of their choosing. They may also be asked to assist Development staff members in cultivating and soliciting their peers.

For more information about how you can join the Oberlin Regional Campaign Committee, please contact