Photo of Zeb Page
  • Associate Professor of Geology
  • Chair of Geology
  • Winter Term Committee Chair


  • BA, Macalester College, 1999
  • MS University Michigan Ann Arbor, 2001
  • PhD, University Michigan Ann Arbor, 2005


Zeb Page is a geochemist and metamorphic petrologist with particular interests in undergraduate teaching and research, as well as in situ techniques and high-pressure metamorphic rocks. His research makes use of electron- and ion-beam instruments to measure the chemistry of minerals within the textural context of their host rock. He is interested in using the high-pressure metamorphic rock eclogite as a probe to reconstruct the pressure, temperature, time, and fluid histories of subduction zones by studying the composition, oxygen isotope ratios and uranium and lead isotopes of garnet, zircon and other minerals. Zeb also studies the diffusion of oxygen through zircon and garnet, the use of trace elements in minerals as thermometers, and many other things.

Please click on the link to my personal webpage for more information and find the current syllabus for GEOL 201: Mineralogy & Optical Crystallography here.