Yu-chi Chang

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese History

Areas of Study


  • BA, National Taiwan University
  • MA, National Taiwan University
  • MA, Brown University
  • PhD, Brown University


Yu-chi Chang is a historian of modern Chinese history. His research examines the intersection of knowledge production, state-building, and social and political culture. His current book project, Imagining Sovereignty: Maps and State-Building in Modern China, investigates the role of maps and related visuals in forming perceptions of territory, sovereignty, and national identity in modern China. In addition to offering courses on premodern and modern China, Chang also teaches topics related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang.

  • "Leaves, Silkworms, Yue Fei: Ways of Imagining the Territory in 1930s China," Twentieth-Century China (Forthcoming, May 2024).
  • "Locating the Central Asiatic Expedition: Epistemic Imperialism in Vertebrate Paleontology," with Lukas Rieppel, Isis, vol. 114, no. 4 (December 2023), pp. 725-746.

Fall 2023

Chinese Civilization — HIST 105
Chinese Civilization — EAST 121
The Long War in Modern China — EAST 233
The Long War in Modern China — HIST 233
Capstone Project — EAST 500

Spring 2024

Modern China — HIST 106
Modern China — EAST 122
On the Edges of China — EAST 261
On the Edges of China — HIST 261
Memory and Justice in East Asia — EAST 358
Memory and Justice in East Asia — HIST 358
Capstone Project — EAST 500