Todd Ganson

  • Professor of Philosophy
  • Chair of Philosophy


  • BA, University California Davis, 1992
  • MA, Cornell University, 1994
  • PhD, Cornell University, 1999


Todd Ganson's area of specialization is philosophy of perception. 

“The Senses as Signaling Systems,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming)

“Sensory Malfunctions, Limitations, and Trade-Offs,” Synthese (forthcoming)

“Aristotle on Perception as Representation,” forthcoming in a volume in the series Studies in the History of Philosophy of Mind

“On the Generality of Experience: A Reply to French and Gomes,” Philosophical Studies 173 (2016), 3223-3229 (with Neil Mehta)

“Burge’s Defense of Perceptual Content,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 88 (2014) (with Ben Bronner and Alex Kerr)

“Are Color Experiences Representational?,” Philosophical Studies 166 (2013), 1-20

“Visual Prominence and Representationalism,” Philosophical Studies 164 (2013), 405-418 (with Ben Bronner)

“Everyday Thinking about Bodily Sensations,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 88 (2010), 523-34 (with Dorit Ganson)

“The Rational/Non-Rational Distinction in Plato's Republic,” Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy XXXVI (2009), 179-197

“Reid’s Rejection of Intentionalism,” Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy IV (2008), 245-263

Spring 2024

Problems of Philosophy — PHIL 126
Rationalists and Empiricists — PHIL 216

Fall 2024

Problems of Philosophy — PHIL 126


Todd Ganson Presents at American Philosophical Association

April 29, 2022

Professor of Philosophy Todd Ganson presented his paper, "Do selective forces favor sensory accuracy?" at the Pacific meeting of the American Philosophical Association in Vancouver.

Todd Ganson Gives Talk at University of Basel, Switzerland

October 25, 2021

Professor of Philosophy Todd Ganson gave the talk, "Not All Sensory Systems are Information Channels," at the conference “Green Intelligence? Debating Plant Cognition” at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Todd Ganson publishes review of 'Representation in Cognitive Science'

August 27, 2021

Professor of Philosophy Todd Ganson has published a review of the book Representation in Cognitive Science in the journal Mind.


This Week in Photos: A Classy View

March 19, 2021

Professor Todd Ganson’s problems of philosophy class in the Peters Hall Language Lab serves as inspiration for this week’s photo series.