Sheera Talpaz

  • Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies


  • AB, University of Chicago, 2007
  • MFA, University of Michigan, 2009
  • PhD, Princeton University, 2018


Sheera Talpaz is a comparatist specializing in modern Hebrew and Arabic literatures with an emphasis on poetry and poetics. Her scholarly interests include Israel/Palestine studies, literary translation, postcolonial and feminist theory, and nationalism studies.

Her current book project examines the idea of the “national poet” in Israeli and Palestinian cultures and letters, and her future work focuses on the figure of the poet-activist in Palestine/Israel.


This Week in Photos: Tiny, but Mighty

March 4, 2022

After a five minute delay to the start of the program, Public Services Librarian Kathleen Abromeit inches her way to the back of the conservatory library, then pauses. “Should we give it another five minutes,” she asks, looking around the room. She’s excited. After a two-year hiatus Abromeit will announce the library’s first Tiny Ref Desk Concert. The program’s return also serves as inspiration for this week’s photo series.

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