North Fields

group of young women gathered on large open grassy field playing frisbee
Intercollegiate, intramural, and clubs sports teams, such as the women’s and trans Ultimate Frisbee team, use the large grassy area of North Fields for practicesand competitions.
Photo credit: Jeon Hyun Hwang

Over 70 acres in total, North Fields is home to practice fields for varsity men’s and women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s cross country. Throughout the fall and spring, Oberlin’s club Ultimate Frisbee, rugby, and soccer teams use the fields, as well as intramural soccer and softball teams.
The community fitness trail was built in 2008 and renovated in 2012, with the college’s construction of the largest solar array on any college or university campus in Ohio. The wood-chipped trails include loops of 1-mile, 1,200-meters, 1,000-meters, and 400-meters. Both the North Fields and community fitness trail serve as Oberlin’s home cross country courses that host both collegiate and high school meets.