This Week in Photos: January 16

January 15, 2020
Yvonne Gay
A student looks closely at a plat on a printer.
Students assemble 3D printers and learn how to tweak their settings to create clean prints, and modify the printer for the purpose of improving its performance. Photo credit: Mike Crupi


A student holds a large microphone.
Students familiarize themselves with microphones and editing software before performing interviews for their Podcasting Oberlin News project. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


A student works in a chemistry lab alongside a professor.
An introduction to on- and off-campus research opportunities and what to expect once students begin working in a research lab is provided by Professor Lisa Ryno’s Persist Intro to Research project. Photo credit: Dale Preston '83


A man gives a lecture in front of a large screen.
Hollywood insider and Oberlin trustee, Steve Dolcemaschio instruct students on the basics of business in this Business for Life winter term. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko


A large group look at words on a screen in front of a classroom.
Faculty, staff, and students attend a workshop on Ethics of Oral History, Including Interview Rights and How to Mitigate Risks of Interviewing. The workshop was one of three offered in the History Design Lab Institute that provided participants with different methodologies and techniques for creating projects focused on the past. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


A student writes Latin on a chalkboard.
Students in the Intensive Latin project work on an exercise in King 121. Photo credit: Mike Crupi


Two students face each other in front of a classroom.
Two-minute impact stories that helped shape the individual are shared in an exercise led by facilitator Simon Greer in Bridging the Gap: Dialogue Across Difference in a Time of Political Polarization. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


A student looks over her shoulder at a picture during a tour of an old home.
Students take a guided tour of the Monroe House in the History at the Museum winter-term project. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


An instructor and students dance in a studio.
Students in Choreographic Frameworks develop their flamenco technique and learn a flamenco and butoh-based choreography. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko


Students rest on floats in a pool and watch a movie on a large screen.
Drive-in movie night at Carr Pool. Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83


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