This Week in Photos: First Snow

December 2, 2020

Yvonne Gay

A tall building and evergreen trees are covered in snow.
Peters Hall
Photo credit: Sydney Garvis

Oberlin’s first major snowfall on December 1 draped buildings, pathways, and tree branches.

As several inches of snow blew through the town and surrounding areas, most residents stayed inside, while others, like the contributors to this week’s photo series, braved the elements to take snapshots of the campus bathed in white.

A college campus academic building is covered in snow.
King Building becomes Snow King. Photo credit: Sydney Garvis
A memorial arch covered in snow.
The Memorial Arch. Photo credit: Brittnei Sherrod ’11
Two wooden dome buildings and an art museum covered in snow.
Studio art domes next to the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Photo credit: Brittnei Sherrod '11
A park covered in snow.
Tappan Square. Photo credit: Sydney Garvis
A large sandstone building covered in snow.
Warner Gymnasium. Photo credit: Sydney Garvis
A dorm and large tree covered in snow.
Talcott Hall. Photo credit: Sydney Garvis


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