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This Week in Photos: The Art of Summer

June 9, 2021

Yvonne Gay

Three students walk through a courtyard while holding pieces of artwork.
Students carry their Art Rental selections through the Allen Memorial Art Museum courtyard.
Photo credit: Jack Lichtenstein '23

The addition of summer semester for the 2020-2021 academic year gave many students another opportunity to live with pieces of artwork from the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Three students carrying their selections from the program serve as inspiration for this week’s photo series.

These three students—and others who are also enrolled this semester—participated in an 81-year-old tradition this past weekend. On June 5, students arrived at the Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM), selected a piece of artwork, and walked their carefully wrapped packages back to their residence halls, where they will be on display for the remainder of the semester. Although Art Rental procedures were slightly adjusted this year, the semesterly program continued to give students the opportunity to truly appreciate a work of art by living with it over time. This semester more than 340 pieces of artwork were rented by students. See more summer Art Rental photos on Oberlin’s Flickr page

Our photo series continues with another tradition, TGIF, and works its way downtown to the reopening of the Apollo Theatre. A movie shown on the Dick Bailey Football Field and stargazing atop Peters Hall concludes this week’s tour.

A group of students play games on a large lawn.
Students participate in cornhole and other activities during a TGIF event in front of the Science Center. Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83
A group of people walk by and into a movie theater.
The Apollo Theatre reopened this past weekend with showings that included Dream Horse and Raya Last Dragon. Photo credit: John Seyfried
Student sit on a football field and watch a movie on a big screen.
Moonlight on the Dick Bailey Football Field. Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83
People on an observatory desk look up at the sky.
Members of the Oberlin community observe the late spring sky atop the observation deck of the Observatory and Taylor Planetarium on Peters Hall. Photo credit: John Seyfried


This Week in Photos is a selection of images and is not meant to represent a weekly timeline. Images highlight campus, community, people, and events related to Oberlin College.

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