Through a Rose Window

December 1, 2015
Communications Staff
A view from the center balcony of Finney Chapel
A view from the center balcony of Finney Chapel, designed by architect Cass Gilbert. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

The interior of Oberlin’s Finney Chapel, seen from the central balcony, is bathed in natural light that reflects from a stained glass rose window. Intended to be a common meeting space for academic, religious, and musical occasions, the building was financed by Frederick Norton Finney, who found it to be a fitting memorial to his father, the preacher-turned-Oberlin College president. Finney commissioned up-and-coming architect Cass Gilbert, who went on to become the general architect for the college. Despite differences between the two, the building was completed in 1908.

With seating for 1,200, Finney Chapel hosts events almost every night of the academic year.


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