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Statement on AlphaBridge Capital Management

July 13, 2015

Communications Staff

Oberlin College Trustee Thomas Kutzen, majority owner of AlphaBridge Capital Management, reached a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 1, 2015 regarding an investigation related to the pricing of securities. AlphaBridge Capital Management agreed to the settlement, but neither admits nor denies the SEC’s findings.

Having served with distinction for five years as Investment Committee Chair, Kutzen has rendered substantial service to Oberlin, having led the Investment Committee in improving Oberlin’s endowment performance and risk profile. Kutzen has now retired from active service as a voting member of the Board but will continue to support the institution in a variety of volunteer capacities.

The investigation by the SEC of AlphaBridge Capital Management did not involve or extend to Oberlin College or its endowment holdings. Oberlin College has never held nor considered holding any positions in the AlphaBridge Fund.

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