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Safe Travels and Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015

Marvin Krislov

Photo credit: John Seyfried

I want to thank the students, faculty, staff, and local residents who attended the annual Oberlin Town and College Thanksgiving and Multi-faith Gathering this past Sunday evening, as well as the sponsors of the potluck—the Interfaith Student Council, Oberlin Area Cooperating Ministries, and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life—for such a thought-provoking and life-affirming event.

The event was dedicated to the memory of Tamir Rice, who was killed one year ago. I was very moved by the program, which honored Tamir’s life and also honored the contributions to the Oberlin community—town and gown—of Linda and John Gates.

In addition to the meal, the program included music by Quartet M and Daniel Spearman's jazz group, as well as a poem by Meeko Israel.

As many speakers reminded us, even in hard times we can still give thanks and be grateful for the positive things in our lives and communities. I know I am deeply grateful to be part of a community with such a deep commitment to working for social justice and educational and artistic excellence.

We’ve been having many events and discussions about race and equity on campus this semester and about the kind of world we want. I know we’ll be having many more.

I wish you all safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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