On the Radio

January 15, 2016

Communications Staff

Shelves crammed with LP records
LPs line the music library stacks of WOBC 91.5-FM, Oberlin’s student-run radio community radio station.
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

The LP collection in the WOBC library is the stuff of music collectors’ dreams. WOBC 91.5-FM is Oberlin’s student-run freeform community radio station. Located on the top level of Oberlin’s student union, the station broadcasts 24 hours a day, airing an eclectic mix of music and public affairs programming. Listeners can tune into more than 150 programs weekly—talk shows, news reports, music shows spanning all genres, and live performances—each conceived and produced by volunteer DJs. WOBC also airs radio dramas such as the long-running serial radio show The Dead Hear Footsteps.

The station was first established with an AM signal in 1949. In addition to albums, the music archive contains thousands of CDs, cassettes, and 45s. Learn more about the station’s history and what’s playing right now.

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