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Oberlin a Top Producing Fulbright School

June 26, 2015

Communications Staff

The U.S. Department of State recognized Oberlin College as a 2014-2015 Top Producing Fulbright U.S. Student Program Bachelor’s College with a letter from Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this month. “On behalf of the State Department, the worldwide sponsor of the Fulbright Program, I am pleased to acknowledge your success and to emphasize the importance the U.S. government places on international exchange programs, which are fundamental to understanding our place in the world, and relating to our neighbors in an increasingly globalized economy,” the letter reads.

Of 55 Oberlin College student and alumni applicants, 13 were awarded Fulbright grants in 2014-2015. They are Chava Appiah ’15, Jolie DeFeis ’15, Katelyn Emerson ’15, Sarah Gord ’15, Talia Greenberg ’15, Amy Hourcade ’15, Monica Hunter-Hart ’15, Jacob Myers ’12, Julia Pearlstein-Levy ’15, Alyssa Phelps ’15, Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura ’15, Rebecca Selin ’14, and Emily Wilkerson ’15. Read more about the Fulbright recipients and other fellowship recipients of 2014-2015 on the News Center.

Other Top Producing Bachelor’s Colleges include Pitzer College, 19; Smith College, 15; Amherst College, 13; and Occidental College, 13. See the full list of Top Producing Bachelor’s Colleges on the Fulbright program website.

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