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Oberlin Switchboard Ask Me Anything for Students

April 8, 2016

Communications Staff

Reaching out to alumni can be an excellent way for senior-level college students to break into an industry. But finding alumni contact information can be difficult, and even when you find someone, it can be intimidating to start the conversation.

The Alumni Association hopes to remedy both of these possible setbacks with its Oberlin Switchboard Ask Me Anything (AMA) event. Happening April 11- 15, the Oberlin Switchboard AMA gives students the opportunity to interact with more than 40 alumni representing a handful of industries such as education, nonprofit, and performing arts. Alumni have been organized into seven themed panels to help maximize the effectiveness of the event.

For any who are unfamiliar, Oberlin Switchboard is an online community-based networking platform designed to create meaningful interactions between students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents. It is also a place where Oberlin community members can ask for the things they need and offer the things they have, both of the tangible and intangible variety. The platform has fostered thousands of connections since its launch two years ago.

All students, particularly graduating seniors, are encouraged to participate in one or more of the alumni panels, all of which can be previewed on the Alumni Association website. To prepare for the panels, be sure to join Oberlin Switchboard by visiting and to read the recommended preparation document, which outlines how to submit questions.

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