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Entertainment Industry Alumni and Friends Share their Career Experiences

February 18, 2020

Hillary Hempstead

Carrie Stein and Ry Russo-Young.
Carrie Stein (right), parent of a student in the Class of 2023, describes her journey from acting to producing scripted television. Ry Russo-Young '03 (middle) discusses the importance of jumping in and trying new things—even if they aren't perfect.
Photo credit: Ron Knerem

The Oberlin Entertainment Network provides students and alumni the opportunity to build knowledge around the skills needed and career paths available in the entertainment industry. 

More than 60 alumni, parents, and friends who work in the entertainment industry assembled in Los Angeles for networking and a panel discussion as part of the Oberlin Entertainment Network—”Obiewood” for short. The January event featured panelists who shared the pivotal moments in their careers and the mentors who shaped their professional lives in the entertainment world. 

Kieran Mulroney, a screenwriter, director, and parent of an Oberlin student in the Class of 2021, led the panelists through a series of questions organized around the metaphor of script narrative, including "What was the 'incitement point' when you realized you wanted to work in the industry?" and "What was your low-point or pivot point in your professional story?" Mulroney concluded the discussion by asking what advice the panelists would give their college selves. Their answers ranged from “be patient” to “recognize that hard work alone will not achieve success in Hollywood—networking is essential.”

Obiewood seeks to raise Oberlin College's profile as a source of high-quality candidates for placement in internships and full-time positions in Hollywood and throughout the entertainment industry. It also provides opportunities for students and alumni to build their understanding of what various career paths are available and what skills and experiences it takes to be successful in the industry.

The network launched last July under the guidance of the LA working group: Tasha Cohan '11, Steve Dolcemaschio parent '16 and '23, Andrew Guest ‘99, Ed Helms '96, Kieran Mulroney parent '21, Sanford Panitch parent '20 and parent '23.

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