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Oberlin Harnesses the Power of Community

May 13, 2020

Communications Staff

I'm all in for Oberlin!

Alumni, et al. come together in support of students.

What a difference one day can make. On Thursday, April 23, 2020, the Oberlin College community rallied to celebrate what is truly good and beautiful about Oberlin.  

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oberlin College & Conservatory hosted All in for Oberlin (AIFO), its fourth giving day. The priority of the campaign was to celebrate the Oberlin College & Conservatory community, strengthen connections, and inspire donor engagement and participation, while simultaneously generating revenue vital to general operations, scholarship funding, and support for key areas of campus. 

Despite the pandemic, Obies from around the globe joined together to pay tribute to the collective power of philanthropy. Nearly 2,000 students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends donated more than $932,000, our largest fundraising total in Oberlin's giving day history.  John Charles ’87 shared, “Being involved in All In reminded me how important Oberlin the school and Oberlin the people are to me. The more I give to Oberlin, the more I get back in a stronger bond to the place.” 

Philanthropy is essential to the sustainability of the institution and the transformational experience of an Oberlin education. Marwan Ghanem ’22 stated, “Not only does AIFO support students financially, but it also upgrades the Oberlin educational and living experience. It boosts extracurricular and wellness activities to cultivate world-class Obie generations who are ready to rock the career market.”

The college would like to thank all donors for their generosity on Oberlin’s fourth annual giving day and every day.  Michael Grzesiak, VP of Advancement said, “We are grateful for your support and energy, which serves to strengthen our institution.”

Note:  If you missed All in for Oberlin this year, you can still make a lasting impact by making your gift at now or before June 30. 

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