Nicholas Morgan ’18 Selected for Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs

May 3, 2018

Amanda Nagy

Nicholas Morgan
Nicholas Morgan '18
Photo credit: Jennifer Manna

Fourth-year Nicholas Morgan will spend nine months gaining practical experience in business, government, nonprofits, labor, and electoral politics with a Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs.

Coro Fellows experience personal and professional growth in Coro’s “city as classroom” experiential learning program. Through a competitive application process, recent graduates join a cohort of 12 participants in one of five cities for the nine-month program. The fellows work on a range of full-time projects across a variety of sectors in public affairs, including a final independent project of the fellow’s choosing. Elected officials, staffers, department heads, executive directors, and CEOs provide the knowledge and perspective to help fellows assess how organizations get things done in the social, political, and economic spheres.

Morgan, a Hispanic studies major from Brooklyn, New York, will live and work in Coro’s St. Louis center.

“I’m excited for all of the professional experience,” Morgan says. “I think it will be super useful to have worked in different sectors and be able to take the lessons learned into whatever field I choose to go into.”

Morgan says his time at Oberlin has inspired him to be politically engaged and involved in different communities. In addition to playing varsity baseball, he has participated in Oberlin’s Spanish in the Elementary Schools program. 

“I am fortunate to have studied at a school with such an impressive history of pushing for social change,” he says.

Morgan says he is considering graduate school after the fellowship.  


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