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Introducing OC Votes

September 21, 2020
Office of Communications
A stand with voter registration forms.
Photo credit: Office of Communications

Today is National Voter Registration Day. Across campus, Obies are engaging with the 2020 election. As the campaigns increase in intensity and Election Day looms, the college invites the entire community to mobilize our academic and creative skills to make sense of this historic moment.

Graphic that reads OC Votes

Look for a soon-to-be-launched website using this logo, which will offer a clearinghouse for programming up to and beyond November 3, 2020. This non-partisan educational series will explore the histories, issues, and perspectives important to understanding this significant moment. For more information or to share information about an event you are organizing, please contact the Dean of Students office at 440-775-8462 or

If you are passionate about democracy, you may also want to join the campus effort to increase voter registration and participation. If you would like to register in Ohio and have not yet had the chance to do so, please visit one of 12 voter registration stands around campus. If you have questions or want to be involved in helping Oberlin College set new records for voter participation, contact Oberlin's Voter Friendly Campus Coalition. Let's follow the lead of Athletics and Yeo the Vote!

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