Fellows of Oberlin

July 2, 2015

Communications Staff

 An Oberlin fellow
Photo credit: Zachary Christy

Entering Oberlin, each student has a world of interests. Once they have surpassed the exploration process and narrowed them down, these interests become passions. Students then face the challenge of finding where their passions intersect, influencing their academic, extracurricular, and professional paths and shaping their time on Oberlin’s campus.

At every turn, Oberlin recognizes its students’ desire to pursue not just learning but doing, and the college and conservatory of music endeavor to create programming that supports students in whatever they choose to do. From the Double Degree Program to the startup accelerator LaunchU and the Spanish in the Elementary Schools program, which allows college students to experience and reflect upon teaching in a real classroom, Oberlin strives to give students the tools to accomplish anything.

Graduates of Oberlin carry the skills and experiences gained within its walls for their rest of their lives—a quality recognized and supported by the most prestigious foundations and organizations in higher education. Awards and fellowships from such institutions enable alumni and even current Obies to set their minds to problem-solving around the world. The video above showcases just a sample of what Oberlin students and recent grads are doing with the fellowships and awards their hard work has earned. A complete list of fellowships and awards received in 2015 can be found here.

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